About WhatsInMyBelly.com

In 2010, Morgan Porter and his wife, Ashley, were expecting their first child. They wanted to do something special to celebrate the new arrival - something that would involve their family and friends. Morgan wanted to set up a baby pool and get everyone to try and guess the gender and birthday of the new baby. Being a web designer, he immediately looked for a website that would allow him to create a baby pool, but the few sites out there weren't quite what he had in mind. So, he created a quick static website to invite their family and friends to take a guess, and later planned to expand on the idea and create a full featured website anyone could use.

Morgan later pitched the idea of the baby pool website to friend and web developer, Daniel Reibsamen. Daniel liked the idea and together they started building the website, with help from Dan Chong, in early 2012. In March, they had the first working version of the baby pool website. They created Wimb LLC, and launched WhatsInMyBelly.com on March 17, 2012. Morgan and Daniel continue to improve the website in their free time, but hope to take it even further in the near future. They are both proudly working from Richmond, Virginia.

Photo by: Allison Williams

Morgan and Ashley now have 2 kids and Daniel and his wife are expecting their first child in December.

If you're curious to know more, e-mail Morgan: morgan@whatsinmybelly.com