What is a "baby pool"?

A "baby pool" or "baby sweeps" is a fun way to bring family and friends together to celebrate the birth of a child. Friends and family guess the gender, birthday, birth time, weight, length, hair color and eye color. At, its free and easy to set up a full featured baby pool in minutes.

What does this cost? is completely FREE! And when we say "free", we mean it. You don't get a stripped down version for free - you get it all. There is no paid version of the site.

How do you know who wins the pool? uses a weighted point system to calculate a winner in each pool. Basically whoever guesses closest to the birthday, time and other stats will win the pool. Click here to view the point details.

What do you win?

In every pool, the winner takes home bragging rights. Some might call the winner the "Baby Whisperer?". In some pools, the pool manager might put up prizes for the winner(s), or if the friends and family of the parents are really nice, maybe they'll all chip in for a prizes. doesn't provide any prizes or encourage gambling, but prizes do make things more fun.

Who can join my pool?

When you set up a pool, you have the ability to restrict access to the pool with a password. This allows you to control who participates and who can't. You also have the ability to remove participants and any messages they might post. In other words, you have full control of your pool, even if you don't add password protection. Or, if you're open to making new friends, you can keep your pool open and allow anyone in the world to jump in. It's up to you.

Will you share my private information?

No. We do not share or sell any of your private information - ever. In the future we will use zip code information to customize your experience with location based promotions and advertisements, but we will never give away your email address or any other private information.

Who made this website?

This website was created by Morgan Porter and Daniel Reibsamen. Learn more about the story on the About page.

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