Top Baby Names (in the last 12 months)
Rank Boys Girls
1st Eliza
Births vs. User Predictions
Category Births Users' Predictions
Eye Colors
Hair Colors
Average Length 58.75 Inches 19.875 Inches
Average Weight 7 lbs 10 oz 7 lbs 11 oz
All Time Biggest Baby Pools
Rank Name Location # Predictions
1st Morris Baby Three Wellsville, NY, US 1,025
2nd Baby Bower #4 Loganville, GA, US 854
3rd Bower's Little Baby #2 Loganville, GA 763
4th Baby Bower #3 Loganville, GA, US 530
5th #babyOllie Predictions! Temecula, CA 495
6th When Will Baby Jase Arrive! United States 368
7th Guess When Kolby Will be Born! Greenville, WI, US 249
8th Baby Girl Gallagher Chicago, IL 173
9th Little Leechie Austin, TX 165
10th Zarshenas Baby #3 Marietta, GA, US 131
Sitewide Baby Pool Statistics
Total # of Pools 15,793
Total # of Predictions 173,640
Biggest Baby Pool Morris Baby Three / 1,025 Predictions
Highest Single Game Score Darryl T. / 12,430 Points
Highest Cumulative Score Allie M. / 6 Predictions / 2,926 Points